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Kerry Howard

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Overview of the treatment

Hypnotherapy is the practice of improving health and well-being by utilizing the benefits of hypnosis. It is a pleasant, relaxing and effective way of changing unwanted physical symptoms, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

As it is our unconscious mind that creates and controls our thinking patterns, no long term benefits can occur without a change at the unconscious level. Hypnotherapy focuses on the unconscious rather than the conscious mind’s activities.

Ailments that can be treated by this therapy

Hypnotherapy can help you with following conditions:
Stress Management, Stopping Smoking, High Blood Pressure, Weight Control, Eating Disorders, Emotional Difficulties, Lack of Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Fear of Flying, Public Speaking, Performance Enhancement, Pain Control, IBS, Skin Disorders, Compulsive Behaviour, Nail Biting, Blushing, Sleeping Problems, Performance Anxiety, Interpersonal Skills.

How the treatment is done

During the first session your practitioner will take a full case history and formulate a treatment plan specifically tailored to patients needs. The use of self-hypnosis may be taught to further enhance the treatment’s effect.

A therapist is able to recognize even minor variations in behaviour that provide very important clues to a patient's abilities & interests. These signs are then used to help guide the patient into the absorbing state of altered awareness that is generally called a trance. Therapy is then able to channel the untapped resources of the subconscious mind to achieve the needed changes.