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Nita Mistry


Overview of the treatment

Naturopathy is a modern synthesis of traditional healing methods. Our wellbeing is determined by every aspect of our lifestyle, from the food that we eat to the exercise that we take, as well as the genetic make-up with which we are born. Problems associated with modern lifestyles are often caused by a combination of nutritional deficiency, congestion, inflammation, pathogenic activity as well as environmental & social stress factors. It is only by looking at ourselves & our lifestyles as a whole that we can hope to understand patterns behind disease.

Ailments which can be treated by this therapy

Naturopathy is a truly holistic approach to health which takes the best from a variety of complementary health modalities. Just as we are made up of a complex interplay of factors that cannot be separated from the whole, so does the naturopath use all the tools at his disposal to help remove the causes of disease & encourage the body's natural healing powers.

How the treatment is done

Naturopathic treatment may include the use of herbs, homeopathic remedies & nutritional supplements as well as dietary & lifestyle changes that are tailored to a person's individual needs. “They sort out the missing pieces if tissues puzzle of your health”.